Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wandering Heart @25: Road to Happiness

Feeling like you're stuck somewhere on your way to your dreams. The fire that was supposed to be flaming with the desire for your passion suddenly extinguished and you don't even know where to pick up yourself. It seemed like there was no way for you to get things done because there were so many things that needed to be done and the thought that you're running out of time scares your future. The thought that you couldn't at least achieve one major goal in your life kills you. 

Time is ticking. Tik-Tok-tik-tok. Still, you're in there, inside a body sheltered and dressed with comfort. Showered with disturbing promises of tomorrow. Getting up every single day realizing that this is not what you've pictured in your wandering mind. Yes, something is definitely wrong. Yet, you couldn't lift a limb. Though you tried not to fake a laugh, your eyes say there's still a part of you that needs to be filled. A silhouette mind which struggles to know the truth, a desperate heart in search of deep connections, and a hungry soul with a drive for purpose. Let that be your power to keep going.

Sometimes life could get harder than you've thought of it but don't let it cripple your spirit. Feed your inner self with the burning light of your dreams. Strengthen it with positive words from your mouth and secure your peace with His guidance. It's your road on which you are traveling. Nobody can dictate what you should do or not do but you. Try believing in yourself that you can. No, believe in yourself whatever it takes!

You're the only key in putting "you" on the pedestal. You're not what other people think you are. You are who you think you are. You become that person you visualized yourself to be. Their dream doesn't conclude your dream and vice versa. Their words don't define you or your future. You define yourself. You define your own happiness. Even when the odds are against you, you have control. Let it be your command.

The tunnel might be a bit dark from where you are standing, instead, keep on walking and praying to guide your path. It is never easy but it is worthy of sweat and tears.


WRITTEN: SATURDAY, June 13, 2015