Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweet Lies of the Mask

I have no time for drama but I keep on thinking about the day I spent with him...and It's killing me to know that It would not happen again. The best but I guess the worst feeling I ever had. I feel stupid. I'm dying inside with my very pride. Can I ask my brain to please shut down just for a while? I'm so overloaded with thoughts of him. Every second..every inch of my heart is breaking yet it always gives me butterflies. I really hate this. Knowing that the one you really love is the one who caused you pain, without knowing the reason why...without seeing the face behind the mask. Those words still linger in me. I miss hearing your voice. I just have not enough guts to let you know how it hurts me.


WRITTEN: tuesday, JUNE 8, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You're my MIRACLE

I'm confused. My mind is confused so does my heart. The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew that I love you. That somewhere in me knew you within. I never expected you to happen. It was a dream, a dream that came into life. YOU came. I heard those words that once I just heard only in my fantasy, those words that were music to my ears. Your voice is all I wanna hear...forever.I just feared being rebuffed by you. When I saw you, I knew it was real...you were real! Your eyes, your smile, and your touch. I ain't dreaming. I know deep inside it's Destiny and that God answered my prayers. For I always pray for you. It's faith...someday in my life you would come, that someday you'd care for me like I'd always care for you... that someday you'd love me the way I love you. 

But sometimes our destiny could be playful. You left me hanging. Not knowing where to stand. Not knowing the things that gone in your mind. I trusted you that easily. I took the risk and am still ready to take it all. I never thought you just gone that soon. I think, maybe I felt so attached that I'm hurting. My heart cries as I fake a smile. I'm not dumb, babe! I can sense that you are shunning me. What's the reason? I find it hard cause I'm reading between the lines. I wanna know what's the matter. Is it ME? or you were just playing around. I believed in you. I never doubted you. I'm laying you my heart, I'm laying you the feelings I felt the time I met your gaze. I don't see what I have to offer. I was hurt and still hurtin'... I don't wanna lose you... but I guess you're the one who's slipping away. I can't deny the fact that this heart is breaking. I hate myself because I loved you and still love you. Were those words, sweet lies? Tell me...

I miss you! I miss your voice..those words...I miss the care. I miss everything about you. I can't stop thinking bout you. But maybe, it's time to let go. I'm very grateful that for some time in my life you came. That there's no impossible with God. All you gotta have is faith. I've learned so much from loving you. I pray that this is not the end...until we meet again.