Thursday, May 2, 2013

Certain In Doubts

                     "CHANGE". She decided to step out of her dreamland. To expose herself more to people, to the places she had never been, to experiences she thought would take forever to happen. For years, she thought that that place would be her home for a lifetime. A place where things happened as if they were real, living a so-called "fairytale". All the crazy stuff and more.

                     She has to get out of the box and face the more certain world. That would be the world where she could be vulnerable to pain but would teach her to be tough, where she has to stumble yet she would learn how to get up. A world where faith is challenged when everything leads to emptiness. Somewhere she knew would be far away from the knight who always comes along to visit her in her dreams.

                     She is ready to give that place up to face what awaits in the world of reality. Does it mean she is ready to kiss her knight goodbye? Is it time to let her heart try to search for someone who could give back what she is willing to give or more? She decided to change paths. A way that would lead her to the woman she wanted to become yet she always keeps on looking back hoping he would walk along with her. She has to move on and go on with her journey. She tried to reach for his hand when she fell, it was just sad when she realized that he wasn't looking her way. Now someone might give a hand but, is she ready to rise again with someone who is more willing to help her out?

                     She is ready to face her fears. Yes, she is ready to conquer every possibility yet walking through the path away from her own confined world would mean giving in to life's promises and giving up to her heart's wishful desire, the only fear she is afraid of facing.


WRITTEN: thursday, may 2, 2013