Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Between the Lines

In a cage of doubts and lies, she struggles to breathe the air of truth.

Keeping her heart in a silent battle where words seem to drown unheard.
Chained out of her will, locked in effortlessly in the land of wishful thinking.
Yet the beaming colors around never fade as her core deceivingly smothers the blaze.

Will she dare to reach the melody in the stillness of the dawn?...
When she was already blinded by the flashing lights of the burning sun.
Will he dare to sing the lullaby that would keep her calm in the middle of the stormy seas?...
When he is always sailing distance from the shore where treasures are kept in place.

In this cold haven of hesitations, lies a castle jeweled with longing.
Yet she struggles to breathe the air that blows peacefully in the green meadows.
An inspiring fear of blue that surrounds the mysteries of a captivating dream.
Behind the bars of suppressed thoughts, shades of red touch the unspoken.



WRITTEN: TUESDAY, march 19, 2013