Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Words to Say....

 ...from that first look I knew, I'd found heaven in your eyes

                                   ...but who was to know the way it would go...
                                                                                           -From Loving You

                 I once told myself that I'll guard this foolish heart of mine against this overwhelming feeling that you are giving me. It seems that I can easily go through it, pretending along, ignoring my heart whenever you are around, redirecting, I guess, this feeling to somebody else. But I can't play smart enough. I ended up loving you even more than before. You made me feel that feeling again when my world suddenly went at a slow pace and now you almost took my breath away. If only I can tell why you are so capable of doing that to me. What is it in you that made me feel this way?
                 Now, I am to risk this heart for I am loving you the way I know that God wants me to. I am to risk this heart for I am loving you, may it be from afar...cause I don't know how to say or should I say, I don't have all the guts to say it. I hope you notice it through my actions but I can't blame you if the feeling is not mutual. What can I do?....


WRITTEN: saturday, JANUARY 5, 2013

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